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Post  Drezden on Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:02 am

Nobody –enjoys- reading over the rules, but sadly it is something everyone must do. Those simple few minutes you take to read over the rules ensures that everyone will have a good time playing and after all that’s what we all came here to do. Not to mention down the road if you do something rather questionable, we don’t have to pull the “it’s in the rules you should have read it” card.  So please make sure to read the rules below prior to filling out your server application.

We tried to make it simple for you guys and broke the rules up into groups. Over all server rules, RP rules, and lastly forum rules. It may seem like a long list but we've come to learn if it’s not said ahead of time, it will only come up later.

• Everyone is expected to be IC (in-character) at all times. There is a chat channel dedicated to OOC (out of character) chat but we would like to keep that to a minimum.

•Our server is a mature role play server and we would appreciate that any new members act maturely as well, thus we recommend that you are 16 years or older in order to join this server. We are open to younger members but they must prove that they can act just as mature as the rest of us, but we will not allow anyone younger than 13 years old.

• You are not allowed to use any teleportation items/abilities/spells to avoid being arrested, PvP combat, or avoiding RP. You can run from PvP combat however.

• Metagaming/Powergaming are not allowed.

• Make sure not to destroy the lore of the server! We take pride in what we put together and hey, it's one of the things that gets people into our server to begin with.

• While we don’t exactly condone ERP, if you must, keep it out of public channels.

• Racism is allowed in-character, but make sure you don't do it out-of-character - it can only be towards other in-game races.

• No spamming of any of the chat channels.

• If you share your Minecraft account with another person, please make sure we are aware of it. We would rather not another person play on the server who was not accepted.

• If you feel the need to curse (swear) in-character, keep it tasteful and don't overdo it.

• You can't use any client-side modifications that give you an advantage over other players, like; speed-hacking, x-ray vision, fly-hacking. Our server has plenty of nifty mods as it is.

• No harassment of any kind towards a player.

• Finally, do not try to enforce the server rules yourself. We have moderators for a reason. Also do not –demand- justice from a Mod. We will always hear both sides of any given conflict and judge ourselves.

Now onto the rules regarding RP and general things that fit in this category.

• Again, do not break character. This also includes dramatically altering your character’s personality midway through playing.

• Deaths are not actual deaths unless approved before hand by a Mod. Generally if your character dies, it’s considered being “knocked out.”

• Building homes/bases/etc. outside the city is not allowed UNLESS prior purchasing of the rights to do so was accomplished. Even after this all homes must be within eye shot of the town (on highest viewing distance) and must be connected via a road.

• Buildings built by players, while free to design, should still be designed with the server theme/look in mind.

• No farms. Most agricultural plant life has died from the lack of sunlight. Though some plants have adapted to the lack of sunlight.

• Theft is allowed in this dark world of ours, but within reason. Meaning no harassing the same player over and over. Lock picking is possible through our mods but it is not easy.

• No surprise combat. You can sneak up on another player of course, but prior to actually attacking them, they must be aware.

• Stealing what we consider “set pieces” is not allowed. An example of this would be taking books out of a bookcase that was placed by a Mod for decoration.

• No hero types. Our world is a more dark and gritty one, and is by far nowhere near black and white. We all live in a world of varying shades of gray, which of course is mentioned in the server lore.

• Please do not destroy/deactivate any spawners –not- found in dungeons and the like. More than likely they were placed by a Mod for a reason.

• Lastly, and these are more notations than actual rules. Please, when choosing a race/gender, do not go outside your comfort zone or ability. This will only hurt RP. Also when venturing out to complete dungeons/battle towers/etc. please bring others with you. Not only are they tough to begin with, but we would like all of our players to be able to experience them.

Last but not least, forum rules and etiquette.

• Much like in game, please don’t harass anyone else that is part of our community.

• No advertising.

• Only Mods or Admins are allowed to respond to server applications.

• And lastly be friendly and visit often! We put a lot of work into the website and want our players to actively check in. Not only is it a great way to get to know one another outside of the game, any and all news regarding the server will always be found here!

As a wise pig once said, “That’d be all folks!” Make sure to check in from time to time for the rules are allowed to change and it is the player’s responsibility to be on top of it. Have fun!

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